Apple ebook data in BookCore

As your security is a priority to us, we have implemented a new algorithm, which enables BookCore to fetch the data even with the Two-Step Authentication enabled.

You do not have to provide your password, as it has been until now. All you have to do is name BookCore, your assistant on Apple ID, which will allow us to track your data and interpret it for you.

1. Visit the iTunes Connect and log in with your account

2. In your iTunes Connect, click on Users and Roles

3. On top left of your screen, choose the little „+“ next to User


4. Fill the User information. The most important thing is to add the right email address „“.


5. Click Next (top right of your screen)


6. Next step is „Select Roles“. Please, select the last box – Sales.


7. Click Next (top right of your screen)


8. On the next page, click „Save“


9. Then, the user should be successfully added and a confirmation email will be sent to our „“ email address.