Does your Book Cover Pass the “Overlook” Test?

Your book cover is the impression a prospective client has with your book. The book cover design and the message will figure out if your book will be overlooked or bought.

Go to your site and take a look at your current cover. Ovi Dogar has created the ultimate book cover test. Learn if your book cover will pass or be overlooked. 

Color Test

Colorful covers can contribute to your professional image. Excessive color can be detracting. Therefore, trash your cover if it has more than 3 colors unless it’s a picture.

The Message

Your book cover ought to plainly tell people exactly what the book has to do with and use a significant benefit. The cover should include title, author’s name, main benefit and your website’s URL.

Image Match

Your book cover needs to match your book’s message. If your book is about marketing then design the cover with that thing in mind. It’s time to get a new cover if your one is out of synch with your message.

Font style type

One client of mine believed that it is a great idea to use many fonts on his cover. I’ve asked him the number of font styles he desires me to utilize? His answer was: “How numerous do you have?”

Well, needless to say: utilize more than three fonts on your cover and it is doomed.

Typeface Size

Is your book cover crammed with info? White area (as in “less text”) on the cover will make it much easier to absorb your message. Simply keep in mind the little image your visitor will see at your website if you have a lot to say. Is the text so small that it is unreadable? This one is going to be neglected.

Image Quality

Is your book cover of professional quality or is it low-cost and unconvincing looking? The readers are often disregarding cheap covers.
You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Make certain you buy the very best book covers you can pay for. The cover is your intro to a reader, for the today’s low cost of expertly designed covers that is loan well invested.


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