Composing a Book’s Marketing Plan for Maximum Revenue

Many blogs have posted articles about book proposals. However, less has actually been discussed book marketing plan. This is wrong!
Exactly what takes place after your book is released has a good deal to do with whether you end up being released and successful. Or simply published. A book proposition is a direct-marketing file meant to persuade publishers to modify, print and distribute your book. It’s a sales piece intended to interact the inevitability of your book’s success.

Your book’s marketing plan, nevertheless, is intended for an audience of one – You! It’s not planned for your publisher. Rather, it’s planned to recognize the earnings streams that you will establish after your book is published.
Your marketing strategy needs to explain earnings you will make above and beyond royalties from sales of your book. It must explain in information your market and the actions you will take to make these earnings.
The need to prepare your marketing strategy now, prior to you sign a publishing agreement or write your book. The success of your marketing strategy depends on the way your book publishing contract is worked out.

Coaching and consulting your marketing plan

Let’s presume, that you plan to utilize your book as a way of enhancing your exposure and credibility amongst your target market. At the most basic level, you will want to include your web site address at a number of points in the book. Therefore, knowing this objective, you can firmly insist that the publisher agrees in composing to include your web site address in specific places in your book.
You and your acquisition editor agree that you can include 5 mentions of your web site address in the book. As frequently takes place, the acquisition editor, after signing the agreement, fades out of the image.

The new advancement editor then notifies you that author’s URL’s can just appear in one place, in the author bio concealed toward the back of the book. When this occurs, what happens to your coaching and consulting strategies?

Likewise, you may have prepared to purchase books in case of lot quantities for resale and/or circulation to your clients and potential customers. You should comprehend this before you sign the contract. You can consist of the right to buy books for resale at trade discounts in your agreement, guaranteeing your ‘book pipeline’ won’t get turned off.

If you know you wish to use telephone coaching at $75.00 a call, for example, you can work out written approval to promote this service within the body of your book.
Remember: pledges are written on air. So, only written arrangements count!

Other back-end revenue opportunities based on your book’s title consist of:

Articles, columns, newsletters
Annual updates
Unique Reports
Seminars and teleclasses
Speaking and training
Audio/video recordings
Selecting a website address based on your book’s title
Free downloads of sample chapters from your web site
Fee-based web site services

Limitless possibilities

The possibilities are limitless, but absolutely nothing can take place if, after signing the contract, the publisher limits your ability to promote your service and your site in your book.
Therefore, it’s vital that you begin by preparing a marketing strategy that analyzes post-publication earnings opportunities and describes the actions had to make them occur. Only then are you in a position to decide if the publisher’s ‘boilerplate’ contract meets your requirements.
The stronger your book proposition and the more experienced your representative, the more likely you’ll get what you want (need) in your contract.
Jay Conrad Levinson says the first volume of his Guerrilla Marketing series made him thirty million dollars. Only about $35,000 came from the book itself. All the rest originated from back-end earnings.
That’s how crucial this concern is!


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