How To Track Book Rankings

Every self-publisher or indie publisher knows how important is ranking of the ebook on Amazon or other online stores. It is an essential thing in terms of ebook sales. If you have your ebook top ranked on Amazon, your ebook sales and profits are extremely high. However, it is not that simple to actually get to the top rankings. Let us give you an advice how to track book rankings.

At first, we would like to mention that when you upload your ebook to Amazon, they will automatically assign you 3 or 4 genres your book will rank in. You can find this in your concrete ebook page. What many people don’t know is – and it is quite useful –  that you can actually ask Amazon to assign more genres to your ebook! It has to make some sense – you cannot ask them to put your fantasy romantic book to science. But if the genre you are asking for is relevant, they will add it to your ebook. You can even have 10 genres! That is very useful and providing little bit more fields to compete in.


The second thing we would like to mention is:

There is a “Bestsellers” category on Amazon, either top 100 paid or top 100 free. If you have your ebook in for example science category – and does not matter how high is your ranking number (could be 200000) – if your book will be sold 20 times in a short period of time, you will most likely appear in the best sellers. And that will increase your profit! However, if you have your book in the romance category, it is quite more difficult. There are so many books in romance that it is almost impossible to rank high or in bestsellers. Therefore, you should use more categories and sub-categories for your book to be able to rank higher, have sales and appear in the bestsellers.



BookCore has something to do with this as well!

If you are using BookCore, you can track book rankings, sales, and reviews and have it all in one place. We are also planning to add category analyzer, which will suggest the best categories you could compete in and therefore rank higher and have higher profits! And it’s completely free. Give it a try HERE 🙂

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