Don’t Let Your Book Promotion Expert Disappoint You

The results are frequently frustrating when authors place sole obligation for their book promotion campaigns into a book publicist’s lap and leave it there. Despite their finest intentions, book press agents might fail to generate essential evaluations.
Interview chances might slip through the fractures. Even worse still, highly promotable books might languish without exposure in a highly competitive marketplace. The book promotion project and the book promotion specialist can disappoint you.

Does that imply you should give up on book press agents and wait for Oprah to call you? Or that you should give up on your book promo campaign completely? There is another alternative. You can operate in collaboration with your book publicist and take the following actions to optimize your possibilities of success:

Be clear

Be clear about your book promo expectations from the outset, and ensure there is a meeting of the minds. If landing on the front page of the Wall Street Journal would be the ideal coup for your book, make sure your book promo expert concentrates on achieving that instead of pitching you to every manufacturer at National Public Radio.
Offer your book press agent your dream list, and offer to prioritize your book press agent’s order of business; you’ll both be happier in the long run.


Suggest the news angles for promoting your book, and offer your book promo specialist with a list of buzz words and expressions. Your book press agent probably isn’t a specialist in your field. He or she will welcome your aid, even if he or she does not particularly ask for it.

Promote your qualifications and sing the praises of your book to your publicist at every chance. Do not stress about sounding pompous or immodest; your publicist will value your self-esteem and be even more enthusiastic in pitching you to the media.

Kepp an eye on the media

Keep an eye on the media, and inform your publicist about establishing newspaper article and present occasions that might tie into your book and boost your book promo campaign. Ask your press agent what else you can do to complement his/her efforts. Are there expert associations or newsletter you can steer him or her towards? Have you assembled contact information for your alumni, expert, and hometown publications?

Don’t be afraid to ask

Ask your book promo expert for exactly what you need, whether it’s a redirection of energies, a lodging to your schedule, or a weekly development report. If you ask your book publicist to interact with you and devote yourself to doing the same, you’ll come out a winner. And you will not be disappointed with the results of your book promotion project or your book promo expert’s efforts.

When authors put sole obligation for their book promotion campaigns into a book press agent’s lap and leave it there, the results are frequently disappointing. The book promo project and the book promo expert can disappoint you.
Offer your book publicist your desired list, and deal to prioritize your book publicist’s to-do list; you’ll both be happier in the long run.
Keep an eye on the media, and notify your press agent about developing news stories and current occasions that may tie into your book and enhance your book promotion campaign.

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