Book Sales Tracking App Guide

In this article, we are going to show you some insights from – the book sales tracking app, so you can have an idea how it looks and works.

This lovely lady will warmly welcome you when you land on the main page.

As soon as you complete your registration and login to your BookCore account, you will have to add your shops so you can start tracking and seeing your sales. There is a how-to video and also descriptions. We have already posted an article about it How To Add Amazon Account.

Ok, so let’s move on…

We will now show and describe the insights – and let’s start with the basic – Dashboard

The Dashboard

On the dashboard, you can see your sales Yesterday, This month so far, Last month total, Sold Units, Free Units (giveaway) and KENP. You can also see your Top 5 Ranks on Amazon.comRankings and Units sold/free. 

So yes, you can track your Book Rankings as well! You can also see your Total Revenue Chart – How much you made and on which STORES!

Analyze Page

This is our Analyze page. On Analyze page, you can mostly see charts and you can play with it. You have a possibility to have Units chart, Lent pages read/KENP chart, Units – Free chart, Units – Sold chart, Sales chart, Total Revenue chart, Lending Revenue chart, and Royalty chart. Many things, right?

On the right side, you can see Pie Charts with percentages of sales in different stores and of your books.

On the bottom of the page, there is a Timeline, so you have an option to set up from/to you want to see your sales. Under the Timeline, there is a Sales Table which looks like this

This table reacts on the Timeline, so you can set up the time range and it will show you the sales and in which stores. 🙂

Amazon Rankings Page

The Amazon Rankings page is one of the gems of app.  

On the Amazon Rankings page, you can set up time range again and see your best rankings, in which categories and on which Amazon (.com, UK, CA, AU, DE) your particular book is or was ranked. Great, right?!

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