Ebooks As An Affiliate – Recurring Success

The use of ebooks as an affiliate revenue stream can be a strong company platform. Especially for a virtually hands-free business offering residual earnings. Many businesses make use of some type of affiliate income source.

There are two main kinds of ebook affiliate profits programs

Flat Rate/Commission

The residual earnings are obtained through a percentage or flat rate on each ebook sale. The supreme sale is performed through a third celebration website with a check or electronic transfer made when sales reach a certain threshold or they can be made month-to-month (depending on the ebook business).


You can place these ebooks on your website and keep all the earnings from the sale. This scenario requires complete payment for the resell rights to the ebook, nevertheless, the return on the investment can be substantial in a well-marketed site.

A financial investment of a site, design, and positioning of ebook sale and download information might be the primary aspects required to engage in ebook sales with residual earnings. The sales can be made through a portal site (in the flat rate/commission situation) or through a devoted service site (in the reseller scenario).

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Offer Your Own Ebook

You could establish your own ebooks for sale using your specific know-how. Others use their ebook along with an affiliation with a 3rd celebration site to allow visitors to access the greatest number of ebook purchases.

No matter how you establish it, an ebook service can supply significant recurring earnings. Once payment has actually been made – you just gain the income and the client downloads the ebook.


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