How To Track Book Sales

There are more and more people nowadays that are writing books. Being an author became so popular. As the internet appeared, it is way easier than it used to be. If you have written a book you can easily publish it without any publishing service, as we are in the age of ebooks.

As you have written and published the ebook, you will definitely start selling it on online stores. You can simply put your book on Amazon, Google books, iBooks, Smashwords or Kobo and much more and start selling it without any costs. The possibilities for self-publishers are really wide.

Alright, let’s skip here the marketing things you have to do. We have published articles on our BLOG where we are discussing it and giving tips. We would like to focus this article on how to track book sales.

So, as you put your book on all the online stores named above and much more, it is fairly difficult to have the control and review of your book sales. Particularly if you have more than one book. These online stores have different charts which are not compatible with each other. You have to do all the counting, reviewing etc. – which are very time-eating and boring task, especially if you have to do it on all the online stores where you are selling your book. If there would be any tool which would put all the data from your online stores into one place, one chart… you could save your precious time and effort and use it more creatively (writing another book for example)

BookCore will help you!

Actually, the tool does exist. It’s called BookCore!
BookCore is a brand new app, first of it’s kind. It helps with the control of your business, as it is tracking all your book data from every online store you connect it with. Then, all the data are put into one chart or graph and all the counting and reviewing is done for you. BookCore is providing one of the most important things in the business, which is control. In the book business, it is essential to track book sales.

The services of BookCore are completely free and there even is a demo, which does not require any registration. You should begin to track your book sales now because there is a huge amount of data you are missing every day!  Just give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

The website link –

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