Titles (and Subtitles) Sell Books!

Do titles actually sell books? The book title is the component that creates the initial destination to the book.
Enjoy people who are browsing in a bookstore. A catchy title grabs their interest and makes them reach for the book out of curiosity. An excellent title makes browsers think, “Really?” or “What does THAT mean?” or “That’s what I need”.

Think long when choosing your book’s title

Think long and hard when choosing your book’s title. The title should provide some hints about the book’s contents in a snappy “one-liner”.
Numerous authors have a hard time increasingly with the title option, not realizing that the title is there somewhere in the book’s contents. Tell them exactly what your book is about, and then listen to their feedback.
At the same time, on the tongue-in-cheek recommendations of one publishing expert, open a bottle of wine and begin composing. Make a list of whatever that enters your mind about exactly what you have actually composed in your book. Absolutely nothing is too silly, but do aim to strike on the central theme or message.

When your list is complete (and the wine is all gone), group your notes into classifications. Pick the snappiest, most appealing words that say something about your book without seeming like a dull explanation.

Possibly these titles will help you:

Woman-Sense Rules!
Fit to Cook
Climb Your Stairway to Heaven
Light the Fire
Spell Success in Your Life

If you are planning on a series, your title must be your “brand name”. As you make your brand into a household word, you guarantee future sales. As each title in the series is released, you understand that individuals will purchase the most recent book to complete the series. Think Harry Potter or Nancy Drew.


The subtitle of your book is an excellent way to increase sales. The subtitle gets to the heart of the book and encourages the reader of the book’s benefits. It lets individuals know that the book is unique which they really cannot live without it. It makes the reader think that he or she just cannot live without it – and that is your objective.

Check the following subtitles:

Woman-Sense Rules! When You Didn’t Know You Were Missing, – The Spiritual Woman’s Guide to Finding Yourself
Fit to Cook– Why “Waist” Time in the Kitchen?
Climb Your Stairway to Heaven– the 9 habits of maximum happiness
Light the Fire– Fiery Food with a Light New Attitude!
Spell Success in Your Life – A plan for accomplishing your objectives and enduring success

In the title and in the subtitle, you can utilize humor or emotions to offer your book, however, prevent cliches and “corny” expressions, or excessively typical phrases. They soon end up being irritating and stagnant. Keep your title distinct, memorable and pertinent.
Prior to making the last decision on your title, conduct a title search (see our home research study course, Idea to Book … to Success– the fast, simple, simple method! You can not copyright a title, duplicating titles only leads to confusion, and you desire individuals to buy your book, not a rival’s book.

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