One of the most important things to be successful is without doubts a to-do list. This article from Jane Friedman will help you to mark your to-dos done frequently and effectively.

Progress is the thing that makes you feel good about your to-do list. If you have one, you definitely want to get that satisfying and motivating feeling when you put the “done” marks.

The productivity method we are talking about here boils down to this:

Never create a to-do item that is actually a project. Instead, use to-dos that are specific action steps. In other words, you should never have the following to-do items:

  • Buy a house
  • Write my first novel
  • Build a website

Instead, you would break these enormous projects into the smallest possible components, starting with to-do items such as:

  • Research real estate agents in my area and create a list of candidates to contact
  • Visit the library and see what books are available on novel writing for beginners
  • Visit writers’ websites that I like and make notes on what I want my site to do and look like

Breaking large projects down into small steps (into lists!) makes them less intimidating, and—most importantly—helps you make progress with less anxiety. As Anne Lamott says, you tackle things “bird by bird.”

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