Self-publishing requires perseverance and hard work, but it also has a lot of advantages. From the story to the price of your publication: all decisions are yours.

The opportunities for self-publishing are developing very quickly as well. There are many retailers and distributors which you can work with, many guides – as well as many writers who want to help and share their experiences.
You can easily get inspiration for your books around the internet. You can also easily learn how to promote your book and all the things in terms of marketing that are necessary to be a self or indie publisher.
The digital age we are in has simply opened a lot of doors and brought tons of options.
However, the one thing remains difficult. Or at least it used to!

The importance of control and improvement

In self and indie publishing, as in every prosperous business, you have to have the CONTROL. You have to control your sales, your reviews, and rankings. And to track and control your book sales, reviews and rankings can be very time-eating and challenging tasks. It is crucial to do it frequently and properly.
You should also research the categories and genres. Because there is always a way to improve on the internet. Especially on the online marketplaces that you are using (such as Amazon).
That is exactly, besides other exclusive features, what BookCore does. It brings you the total control of your business as well as the opportunities to improve.

Don’t be afraid

BookCore has an active team that is opened and dedicated to helping you at any time. We are constantly trying to improve and to be more user-friendly even though the use of the BookCore app is very, very simple already.
We are currently preparing video guides and manuals for our clients, that are going to ease the use of BookCore app even more.
And the best thing about BookCore is that it’s completely FREE!

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