To publish an ebook can be a tricky thing, especially when you are a beginner. Below, we are going to present some hints that could help you to do so.

Of course, it is very important to use google and study on your own. There are many helpful articles around the internet.

Creating Basic Ebook Files

EPUB is the industry standard ebook format accepted by nearly all retailers. Unfortunately, this cannot be done through a simple Word export, but many tools and services will help you prepare an EPUB file. (While most retailers and distributors try to offer good Word-to-ebook conversion, results and quality vary tremendously. Use them with caution.)

  • Reedsy: you can copy/paste your work into its free online editor, then export EPUB files
  • Draft2Digital: you can upload your Word doc for EPUB conversion even if you don’t use them as your distributor
  • Calibre: free software that’s useful for file conversion to/from EPUB, but some find it difficult to use
  • Vellum: easy-to-use software for Mac users only to produce EPUB files

Choosing Your Ebook Retailers and Distributors

Ebook distribution to major retail outlets is free and fairly straightforward.

Assuming you have ebook files ready to go, you have a choice to make: Would you rather deal with each online retailer directly, or would you rather reach them through an ebook distribution service?

  • Working directly with online retailers usually means better profits, more control, and more access to marketing/promotion tools (but not always).
  • Working with ebook distribution services usually means giving up a percentage of your profits to the distributor, in exchange for the centralized administration and management of all your titles. Some ebook distributors can also reach outlets you can’t on your own, such as the library market, and may offer you helpful tools to optimize book sales and marketing.

 Most important ebook retailers

  • Amazon. Probably sells 60-80% of all ebooks, more for some authors and titles.
  • Apple iBookstore. Widely considered the No. 2 ebook retailer in U.S.
  • Barnes & Noble Nook Press. Sales have been dropping significantly over the last couple years.
  • Kobo. Gaining ground on an international level.

Key ebook distributors

  • Smashwords. The largest ebook distributor of self-published titles that’s been around the longest and has the widest reach, particularly to the library market. No upfront cost; they take a cut of your sales.
  • Draft2Digital. Similar to Smashwords, but smaller and more customer-service focused. They take a cut of your sales.

Optimizing Your Product Page and Description

When you upload your ebook to retailers, you need to craft strong book descriptions, research your best categories and keywords, and do whatever you can to increase the likelihood that someone who sees your book page on Amazon will make a purchase.

Marketing and Promotion

By far the hardest, as well as one of the most important parts of ebook publishing is making readers aware your book exists—then convincing them to buy it.
We firmly recommend studying how to promote your book. There are many articles and blogs around the internet which might be helpful.

Facebook Strategies

Facebook has more than 1 billion users and can be an important part of your book marketing arsenal. 

Managing Your Sales

When you have already published and uploaded your ebook to a retailer, the most important thing is managing and monitoring your sales. However, this could be quite a difficult task and it takes a lot of time too, especially when you are using multiple retailers. The app. could be very simple and free solution as it is tracking all your sales and putting them all in one place.

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